[cabfpub] Call for agenda items for call on April 28th

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That’s not unusual for a PDF, since it’s a format used to describe pages, not search text through them. We’re lucky to be able to search for one word already.

If the github-based replacement (using kramdown+weasyprint) is changed to produce justified text (aligned on both left and right margins), you’ll have the same problems. The rendering engine will separate each word to place them on the page, and you won’t be able to search for spaces (and several words separated by a space).
A particularly sadistic rendering engine could separate each character and place them on the page, in a random order, just for fun.

Erwann Abalea

Le 25 avr. 2016 à 22:16, Alex Wight (awight) <awight at cisco.com<mailto:awight at cisco.com>> a écrit :

Hi Dean et. al,
  I'd like to address a formatting issue I've run into several times while attempting to search for something within the Baseline Requirements or copying+pasting from the document.
  In the Baseline Requirements PDF document, unnecessary whitespace such as a tab character is introduced such that a couple of problems arise:

1) Searching for certain terms within the document becomes extremely difficult and tedious. For example, I was searching for the exact verbiage around an "Internal Name" and I typed "Internal" into the search box which yielded 25 results. Appending a space character narrowed the results down to 8, yet none of them were Internal Name. Appending an "N" reduced the results to zero. Only after manually scrolling to the definitions and hunting down the line for Internal Name did I copy and paste it into the search field to see what was happening. If one searches for "Internal Name" (there's two tab characters between the words there) results in only the one instance of this in the definitions section but it doesn't find the instance within the doc that makes use of the term. To find that, one has to search for "Internal Name" (only one tab between the words this time), which produces the results I was initially seeking.

2) Copying and pasting to quote verbiage becomes a formatting nightmare too. For example, when copying and pasting the text from section, one gets this (no modification on my part): "f. extKeyUsage (required)
Either the value id‐kp‐serverAuth [RFC5280] or id‐kp‐clientAuth [RFC5280] or both values MUST be present.
id‐kp‐emailProtection [RFC5280] MAY be present. Other values SHOULD NOT be present. "
This snippet contains 25 tab characters (!) which, needless to say, makes beautifying this text an exercise in tedium when conveying it outside of its original PDF format.

Anyway, I'm not sure it needs to take up any time on the call, but it's an administrative item that I feel needs addressing somehow.

-Alex Wight

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If you have any agenda items for this week’s call, please send to me today.
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