[cabfpub] Call for agenda items for call on April 28th

Richard Barnes rbarnes at mozilla.com
Mon Apr 25 20:33:09 UTC 2016

I find that the Markdown flavor of the BRs is useful for this sort of thing.


On Mon, Apr 25, 2016 at 4:22 PM, Alex Wight (awight) <awight at cisco.com>

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> Hi Dean et. al,
>   I'd like to address a formatting issue I've run into several times while
> attempting to search for something within the Baseline Requirements or
> copying+pasting from the document.
>   In the Baseline Requirements PDF document, unnecessary whitespace such
> as a tab character is introduced such that a couple of problems arise:
> 1) Searching for certain terms within the document becomes extremely
> difficult and tedious. For example, I was searching for the exact verbiage
> around an "Internal Name" and I typed "Internal" into the search box which
> yielded 25 results. Appending a space character narrowed the results down
> to 8, yet none of them were Internal Name. Appending an "N" reduced the
> results to zero. Only after manually scrolling to the definitions and
> hunting down the line for Internal Name did I copy and paste it into the
> search field to see what was happening. If one searches for "Internal Name"
> (there's two tab characters between the words there) results in only the
> one instance of this in the definitions section but it doesn't find the
> instance within the doc that makes use of the term. To find that, one has
> to search for "Internal Name" (only one tab between the words this time),
> which produces the results I was initially seeking.
> 2) Copying and pasting to quote verbiage becomes a formatting nightmare
> too. For example, when copying and pasting the text from section,
> one gets this (no modification on my part): "*f. extKeyUsage (required) *
> *Either the value id‐kp‐serverAuth [RFC5280] or id‐kp‐clientAuth [RFC5280]
> or both values MUST be present. *
> *id‐kp‐emailProtection [RFC5280] MAY be present. Other values SHOULD NOT
> be present. *"
> This snippet contains 25 tab characters (!) which, needless to say, makes
> beautifying this text an exercise in tedium when conveying it outside of
> its original PDF format.
> Anyway, I'm not sure it needs to take up any time on the call, but it's an
> administrative item that I feel needs addressing somehow.
> Thanks,
> -Alex Wight
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> Subject: [cabfpub] Call for agenda items for call on April 28th
> If you have any agenda items for this week’s call, please send to me today.
> Thanks
> Dean
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