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Add me

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Please add me to the list, Dean.

On 4/21/2016 4:13 PM, Dean Coclin wrote:
Thank you for the response to the call for participants for the Governance Change Working Group. At this time we have:

Dean Coclin (Symantec)
Kirk Hall (Trend-soon to be Entrust)
Andrew Whalley (Google)
Jeremy Rowley (Digicert)
Ben Wilson (Digicert)
Virginia Fournier (Apple)
Josh Purvis (Cisco)
Moudrick Dadashov (SSC)
Peter Bowen (Amazon)
Patrick Tonnier (OATI)
J.C. Jones (Mozilla)
Aleksei Ivanov (Leader Telecom-Interested Party)

I've asked Wayne to setup our mailing list and as soon as that is completed, I will send out a notice for our first meeting where the initial order of business is to elect a chair. If anyone would like to volunteer or nominate someone, please let me know prior to the meeting. It is also possible to have co-chairs, similar to what we had on the code signing working group. This will all be decided on the first call. I have also set aside at least 2 hours during the face to face meeting next month for this group.


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Subject: [cabfpub] Call for members of the new working group

This is a notice to members and Interested Parties to participate in the newly formed Governance Change Working Group of the CA/B Forum.

Please reply to this list if you are interested in participating.

Dean Coclin
CA/B Forum Chair

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