[cabfpub] Associate member of the CA/B Forum

Jacob Hoffman-Andrews jsha at letsencrypt.org
Mon Apr 11 23:53:33 UTC 2016

As a former member of the public who wanted to participate more directly on
the public@ mailing list, it was not obvious to me that there was a
straightforward path to do so. I think we could improve public
participation significantly by offering a web form to provide name,
affiliation, and agreement to the IPR Agreement, and including a link to
this web form in the welcome message for public@, as well as any bounce
messages. I'd be happy to collaborate on putting this together, if that
would be helpful.

I don’t see anything allowing an associate member to post to the public
> list or participate in working groups.  This is reinforced by 5.2 "Forum
> Members and Interested Parties may post to the Public Mail List in
> compliance with these Bylaws.  Anyone else is allowed to subscribe to and
> receive messages posted to the Public Mail List”.

This also seems worth fixing.
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