[cabfpub] Help to support SHA-1 for POS terminals

Billy VanCannon BVanCannon at trustwave.com
Fri Apr 8 14:15:59 UTC 2016

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>What's relevant is to ensure that users of the Web PKI are not put at risk by the continued issuance of SHA-1 certs.  Ensuring that there's a vendor neutral process for supplying SHA-1 certs in 2016 and >beyond seems like a far less important concern to me.

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>On 07/04/16 16:31, Doug Beattie wrote:
>> Rob,
>> They probably do, but is that relevant to the request?

>I'd say yes, it is, because "letting a CA keep business it's already got" is not one of the factors we are considering in our comparative security analysis of the different options. Harsh, perhaps, but correct.

On these two comments.  If a given CA can help their customers outside the CABF and still comply, good for them.  If the CABF puts forth a solution that is not vendor neutral, then it is anti-competitive.


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