[cabfpub] Help to support SHA-1 for POS terminals

Doug Beattie doug.beattie at globalsign.com
Thu Apr 7 13:45:46 UTC 2016

Hi Dean,


Unfortunately GlobalSign does not have any roots we can pull from the
current root program, thus the request.




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Subject: RE: Help to support SHA-1 for POS terminals


Do you know which roots the terminals support? We’ve had good success by
using roots removed from browsers but still exist in terminals.



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Subject: [cabfpub] Help to support SHA-1 for POS terminals


Per related posts on this topic, I’m forwarding an email from one of our
customers for a request to issue them 2 SHA-1 SSL certificates which will
allow them to continuing POS terminals  until they complete their SHA-2
migration later this year.


GlobalSign would like approval to issue 2 SHA-1 SSL certificates to the
domains below which would expire before 1/1/2017 and which would have 20
bits of entropy in the serial number field.






From: SERGIO EDUARDO SOLARI ANGELO <ssolari at bpd.com.do
<mailto:ssolari at bpd.com.do> >
Sent: Wednesday, April 6, 2016 6:37:34 PM
To: Doug Beattie; Laila Robak
Cc: vgonzalez at seguridadamerica.com <mailto:vgonzalez at seguridadamerica.com> 
Subject: Help to support SHA-1 


Dear Sirs. 


We would like to present the following situation for your consideration. 


Since February 7th 2016 we have established a relationship with Seguridad
America a representative of Global Sign. Our previous CA was Symantec
Verisign represented by Cert Superior and we were issued a certificate that
supports SHA-1 and they failed to inform us that this protocol had a


We urgently need your consideration for the issuance of a certificate that
can support SHA-1. If not, we would be under serious risk of losing
operations in an estimated 13,000 POS terminals which operate under our
current “stand-alone” platform which would require nationwide onsite visits
for software upgrades and in some cases hardware replacement which would
need to undergo a purchasing process. 


Based on previous explanation, we request your consideration and your
assistance in this urgent matter. We would require 2 certificates that
support SHA-1 for the rest of calendar year 2016, while we continue the
acquisition and deployment of the terminals. We estimate that this process
would conclude by November.


It’s very critical for Banco Popular to get the certificates that support
SHA-1 in order to avoid important financial loss and affect thousands of
Customers that we serve. 


The expiration date of the two certificates of Production is May 22nd 2016. 

The domains of the certificates are:




We highly appreciate your consideration of this matter and thank you in
advance for any assistance you may be able to provide given that we had no
knowledge of this situation and therefore the scope of its impact.


Our Best Regards 


Sergio E. Solari A.

Technology Executive Vice president





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expressed in this message which may not coincide with its responsibilities
and purpose and which may not express official matters. 

Grupo Popular. 

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