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Dean Coclin Dean_Coclin at symantec.com
Thu Apr 7 20:41:31 UTC 2016

As discussed on the last call, below is the background and "application"
from ETA for CA/B Forum Associate membership. For discussion on the next



The Electronic Transactions Association (ETA)is a non-profit trade
association representing the payments technology industry.  Our membership
is diverse and includes payment networks, processors and merchant service
organizations including independent sales organizations, point of sale
manufacturers, and payment gateway providers, mobile technology companies,
investment banks, commercial banks, and security companies.  Indeed, a
number of CAB Forum members are ETA members by virtue of the work and
interest in the payments industry.  Our organization's core purpose is to
lead the global growth of the electronic transactions industry. Our vision -
how we see our role in this landscape - is to be recognized as the global
hub for the growth and expansion of the electronic transactions ecosystem. 


The issues surrounding the expiration of SHA-1 hashing algorithm from
publicly trusted certificates raised a number of important issues for the
payments.  In an effort to address this matter, ETA has reached out and is
seeking to work with the Forum to effectively address the challenges for the
payment industry.  As such, we anticipate that there will be additional
security issues that come to light, where our collaboration with the Forum
can serve as a way to address mutual issues of concern well in advance of
critical deadlines or a shortened window.





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