[cabfpub] FW: CAB Forum Policy Change request

Gervase Markham gerv at mozilla.org
Fri Sep 18 16:47:24 UTC 2015

(Andrea Wilemon's email address did not seem to be in the thread, so I
haven't CCed her.)

On 17/09/15 03:31, Dean Coclin wrote:
> *Andrea's reply:*
> We understand this point.  Internet Explorer (IE) is our standard and we
> know IE will support SHA-1 certificates through December 31, 2016 which
> is our deadline.  While other browsers are used in our environment, and
> others may even be standards, those browsers that do not support SHA-1
> certificates through 2016 will quickly be retired from our environment.

You're not selling it here... It now sounds like "please, group of
browsers, agree to change CAB Forum rules so we can take a course of
action which will chase your products out of our network, penalising
them for pushing forward web security"...


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