[cabfpub] Discussion leaders: please provide summaries for your sessions

Gervase Markham gerv at mozilla.org
Tue Sep 29 11:34:37 UTC 2015

Following on from the discussion on the private list: I'd like to
request that everyone who is listed as a Discussion Leader for a
discussion session in the draft agenda here:


please edit the wiki page to add a summary of what you hope to achieve
from your session. That is, please explain the goal (or goals, if there
are multiple possibilities) you are hoping to reach. You may also want
to add references to documents or previous discussions which relate to
the topic. It probably makes most sense to add any information to the
"Discussion Leader / Notes" column.

My hope is that this will help everyone prepare for the discussion, and
hopefully avoid us spending the time rehashing the same issues that
we've discussed in the past, instead of breaking new ground.

As far as I can see, the people this would particularly concern are:

  Short Lived certificates
  Domain Validation
  Document merging: EV and BRs?

  Cert validity periods

  EV Wildcards

  Document management/Github
  Document merging: EV and BRs?

Also, if the Working Groups have their own agendas for the Tuesday
slots, could those agendas make it to the wiki also? That again would be
a job for our intrepid discussion leaders Ben, Jeremy, Kirk, and Dean.

Thanks everyone :-)


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