[cabfpub] [cabfman] Draft Minutes of CA/B Forum meeting September 17, 2015

Gervase Markham gerv at mozilla.org
Mon Sep 28 13:59:06 UTC 2015

[Moving to public list as quote contains no sensitive content]

On 27/09/15 19:15, Dean Coclin wrote:
> 7.       EV Guidelines and BR Merge:

If both documents are using RFC whateveritis section numbers, as I've
suggested before, we can merge these using a script. The Markdown
version of the BRs:


seems to have been so converted, but the Markdown version of the EV


does not. Are there any plans to RFCize the EV Guidelines? If there are,
I am happy to write some code which will produce a merged document for
those who find it useful.


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