[cabfpub] Browsers & Enrollment (was Re: Edge Browser Can'tView Certificate)

Robin Alden robin at comodo.com
Thu Sep 3 14:10:22 UTC 2015

Hi Gerv,
	I thought NSS had its own certificate store.  

How should we get a certificate into a user's NSS certificate store so that it could be used for SSL client authentication within FireFox or as an S/MIME certificate in Thunderbird unless Mozilla provide a means to do so?


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> On 27/08/15 16:15, Geoff Keating wrote:
> > It’d be great if someone could write up what the recommended
> > alternative is; and if there isn’t one, what one might look like.
> > For example, should this be done with JavaScript?
> Editing the certificate store on a platform is going to require running
> native code, and browsers are not going to be doing that for you.
> So it seems to me (very much from the outside of the problem) that you
> will need either:
> a) a step-by-step upload/download guide, using the in-built platform
> capabilities for editing the store and HTML forms for data exchange; or
> b) your own native code application which the user downloads and runs
> to
> help with the process.
> I suspect a) might be quite difficult to make usable.
> Gerv
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