[cabfpub] Adobe AATL and eIDAS TSL

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AFAIK, they have like 2 trusted list, the AATL and the AATL with the EU TL, but this is not distributed yet because have some issues with some TSPs or with the EUTL itself. They are asking these TSPs to provide some info in order to remove or keep it and with the idea to publish/deliver it soon (if not done yet, can´t remember the dates) 



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There’s some work done on Acrobat Reader. Go to the settings, Trust, you have a checkbox to import European certificates that I believe is checked by default.


Unfortunately, Adobe tries to retrieve an object at « http://trustlist.adobe.com/eutl12.acrobatsecuritysettings », which returns a 404 error.



Erwann Abalea




	Le 9 oct. 2015 à 09:17, Chema Lopez <clopez at firmaprofesional.com> a écrit :


	Years (yes, years) ago there was a rumor, that Adobe will include the TSL into its products, so European CA's (Trust Services Providers to be more align with eIDAS terminology) wil, be included without the need of the usual painful journey, and hopefully without the need of other things (€)


	Does anyone know if this keeps up, and if there is any expected date?


	Thanks in advance.

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