[cabfpub] [cabfquest] Question 5 - Domain Validation pre-ballot

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Forwarding as requested.

Jacob: Are you saying that the site operator generates and publishes the
random token?  The draft language requires the CA to generate this and that
the site operator demonstrates domain control by making that token visible
to the CA via one of the approved methods.



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On 11/13/2015 06:38 AM, Robin Alden wrote:

2) When a CA wishes the applicant to provide a practical demonstration of
control of the domain to be certified (methods 6 & 7, lines H & J) the CA
passes a value to the applicant which the applicant must then use in their
demonstration of control.  

Re-use of these values is OK, provided that the value used is unique to the

This would apply for Random Values used in methods 6, 7
and for Request Tokens used in method 7.

CAs may sometimes not be able to accurately identify whether the applicant
for one certificate request is the same as the applicant for another and if
that is the case then each certificate request (not just each applicant)
will need a new value.  This may be the case for CAs who accept certificate
requests through resellers or other third parties where the identification
of the applicant is handled by the reseller or third party - and so is not
done within the scope of an organization audited as complying with the BRs.

FYI, there is a related thread going on on the ACME mailing list:
K6KDekS3rjAlHfUTc_vdZA> &gbt=1&index=F_YbbK6KDekS3rjAlHfUTc_vdZA.

In short: For ACME DV challenges, it would be convenient for the site
operator to be able to publish at a well-known URI or in DNS a list of
"these accounts on CA X are authorized to issue for this domain." Such a
list could include a random token, but if that random token had to vary
per-authorization, it would reduce the usefulness of that construction.

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