[cabfpub] Ballots 154 and 155 - Convert to RFC 3647 Framework and GitHub

Gervase Markham gerv at mozilla.org
Wed Nov 4 10:16:23 UTC 2015

On 04/11/15 01:18, Ryan Sleevi wrote:
>      We only had a brief demonstration by Ryan at the Zurich face to
>     face meeting, and it looked confusing to me (compared to the
>     traditional way of showing changes to existing language,
>     bold/underlined for new language, lined out for deleted language,
>     etc.). 

Fortunately, Github has two ways of showing differences - a side-by-side
mode and a unified mode. The unified mode (reached by clicking the
"Unified" button on a diff) looks like this:


Added lines are prefixed with a +, removed lines with a -, and the
particular bit of each line which has changed is highlighted. I am
confident that anyone who chooses to use these tools will be able to
understand the change.

>     Also, if I understood correctly, GitHub uses colors (red/green) to
>     show changes – I know we have some color blind members, so that may
>     be problematic.

Fortunately, use of an online colourblindness simulator shows that the
particular red and green chosen by Github are distinguishable to
colourblind users. The red shows up as grey, and the green as yellow.
See http://www.etre.com/tools/colourblindsimulator/ .

>     Is it your expectation that all Forum members will get training on
>     GitHub is they want to pull copies of documents, or propose ballots?

While the proponents of this change feel that it has the potential to
make everyone's lives easier, and we do hope to provide some guidance to
Forum members unfamiliar with Github, use of these tools is optional and
so there is no need to mandate some sort of training in the ballot.

"Pulling documents" is as simple as clicking to download them, just like
any other file.


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