[cabfpub] Question 4 – Domain Validation pre-ballot

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Fri Nov 13 01:08:22 UTC 2015

Question 4 – Domain Validation pre-ballot

Again, Peter Bowen of Amazon did not submit specific new language, but posed the following comment about new Method No. 8 shown below:

Proposal 4: In line K of current draft (Method No. 8)

“Conversely, in item K, using Authorization Domain seems inappropriate.  Just because I control the IP address of corp.example.com<http://corp.example.com> doesn't mean I have control payments.corp.example.com<http://payments.corp.example.com>.”

Here is the current Ballot language for Method No. 7:

[Current Ballot language]

8. Having the Applicant demonstrate control over the requested FQDN by the CA confirming that the Applicant controls an IP address returned from a DNS lookup for A or AAAA records for the Authorization Domain Name in accordance with section; or

On the call today, Wayne Thayer thought he agreed with Peter’s comment, and offered to come up with revised ballot language on this issue.  There was no other discussion.

Question for Discussion: Should proving domain control for an SLDN (Base Domain) or a FQDN by showing the applicant controls an IP address returned from a DNS lookup for A or AAAA records be sufficient to show domain control for all higher level FQDNs also?

To Peter Bowen: If you want to comment on this issue, please email to me and I will post to the Public list.

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