[cabfpub] It all happened 10 years ago..

Steve Roylance steve.roylance at globalsign.com
Mon May 11 15:22:59 UTC 2015

Hi Dean.


Your call for subjects for this week's call prompted me to send a quick note
to highlight that on Sunday May 17th 2015 the CA Browser Forum will be 10
years old!


The first official meeting, where I managed to pull everyone together into
one room (with help from Philip Hallam Baker) was held in New York on the
17th May 2005.   (Invite attached which I kept for posterity)


How our baby has grown, and what terrific efforts many of today's
participants go to in order to keep up the momentum going from that first


I think it's worth a toast on Sunday from all those who remember those
initial shaky steps and how far we've come and how much we've achieved.


Of course there's a long way to go..


Kind Regards


Steve Roylance



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