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Not sure I understand your question.  I meant that messages sent to Questions@ automatically go to the Management (Members) list, which means all Members see the messages without filtering.  At least that’s my understanding – Adrien Johnson’s original message to the Forum on .onion domains was sent to the Questions@ mailbox and showed up in my CA-Browser Forum mailbox automatically, which I assume is the same for other Members.

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Here are all the relevant Bylaw sections I could find.

Hi Kirk,

While I appreciate the bylaws, that isn't quite what I meant. You made the statement that everyone sees it. However, when I joined the Forum, I was not explicitly added to the questions@ list and did not receive such feedback.

Now, perhaps the procedure has changed, and it is as you describe.

(On to more bylaw oddities, I'll simply note that 6.2 is not consistently followed either)

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