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Here are all the relevant Bylaw sections I could find.

Bylaw 3.2 (see below) allows the public to post to the Questions list without signing any IPR agreement.

Bylaw 5.1 allows the Forum to discuss an official Forum response to something posted to Questions@ on the private Management list (presumably so we can reach consensus on an official Forum response without having our deliberations posted in public).  It also recommends that Members use the Public list whenever possible, and strongly suggests that Members get the consent of the author of a message posted on the Management List before reposting it to the Public list.  The process for formulating a group response to a question posted to Questions@ is detailed in Bylaw 6.2.  See below.

Bylaw 5.2 on the Public list is posted below.  Basically Members and Interested Parties can post anything they like to the Public list.  Including links, article, presentations, and even posts from other places.  In addition, we are *required* to post the things listed in subsections (a) through (e) below to the Public list.

We are increasingly getting communications from the public that are not really questions (like “How do I join the Forum?” or “What audits are required?”) to substantive comments on issues we are facing, like Julien’s comments, where no “group response” is really appropriate (look at the range of opinions on .onion domains is possible).  We need a means for allowing those comments (not questions) to be posted and to be able to respond to them in a discussion.


3.2 Other Parties

The public may follow the Forum’s activities by reading all postings on the Public Mail List and the Public Web Site. Questions or comments to the Forum may be sent to Questions Mail List.

5.1 Member Mail List and Member Web Site
The Forum shall maintain a Member Mail List and Member Web Site that are not accessible by the public. The following matters may be posted to the Member Mail List and Member Web Site: ***

(e) Proposed responses to questions sent to the Questions Mail List. ***

Members have discretion about which mailing list they use, but are strongly encouraged to use the Public Mail List for matters other than those listed above.

Members are strongly discouraged from posting the text of Member Mail List messages to the Public Mail List without the permission of the author or commenter.

Bylaw 5.2 Public Mail List and Public Web Site

The Chair shall appoint a List Manager who shall maintain a Public Mail List. Forum Members and Interested Parties may post to the Public Mail List in compliance with these Bylaws. Anyone else is allowed to subscribe to and receive messages posted to the Public Mail List, which may be crawled and indexed by Internet search engines.

The Chair shall appoint a Webmaster. The Webmaster shall post instructions on the Public Web Site for subscribing to the Public Mail List.

The following materials shall be posted to the Public Mail List or Public Web Site:

(a) Draft and final agendas for Working Group meetings, Forum Meetings and Forum Teleconferences (including any sub-groups or committees).

(b) Final minutes of Forum Meetings and Forum Teleconferences (including minutes of any sub-groups or committees), and minutes of all Working Group teleconferences and meetings.

(c) Messages formally proposing a Forum ballot (including ballots to establish, modify, or terminate Working Groups) and announcing ballot outcomes, including vote and quorum counts but not identifying individual votes by name of Member.

(d) Initial and final drafts of Forum requirements, guidelines, and recommendations after the drafter has had an opportunity to receive and respond to initial Member comments.

(e) Initial and final drafts of Working Group requirements, guidelines, and recommendations after the drafter has had an opportunity to receive and respond to initial Working Group member comments.

6.2 Procedure for Dealing with Questions and Comments
The Forum procedure for dealing with questions and comments sent to the Questions Mail List shall be as follows. The Chair shall appoint a Questions List Coordinator. The responsibilities of the Questions List Coordinator are:

(a) If practical, within 24 hours send an acknowledgment to the questioner indicating that the question or comment has been received and that a response will provided as soon as is practical.
(b) Coordinate discussion using the Member Mail List until consensus has been achieved.
(c) Post the proposed response to the Member Mail List indicating that Members have 24 hours to object.
(d) If no objections are received before the deadline expires, then send the response to the questioner.
(e) If consensus cannot be achieved, or one or more objections are received, then the matter should be dealt with in the next Forum Meeting or Forum Teleconference.

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Nothing in our Bylaws requires someone to sign the IPR agreement before posting to the Questions@ address, which is immediately forwarded to all Members.

Can you confirm that this is this true? When I joined the Forum, it required explicit action to add to the questions@ list.

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