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Ryan, when will the Minutes be available?

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And adding back to the public list

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OK, well perhaps all this will become clearer when the PAG meeting Minutes are available.  Working Groups don't usually keep Minutes -- who is drafting these, and when will they be available?

Just to point out the misreading of the bylaws - https://cabforum.org/wp-content/uploads/CA-Browser-Forum-Bylaws-v.1.2.pdf - with emphasis added via underscores.

"5.1 Member Mail List and Member Web Site

(a) Draft minutes of Forum meetings (both virtual and in-person, and ___including any subgroups or committees___) will be posted to the Member Mail List to allow Members to make sure they are being correctly reported. "

"5.2 Public Mail List and Public Web Site

The following materials shall be posted to the Public Mail List or Public Web Site:

(b) Final minutes of Forum Meetings and Forum Teleconferences (including minutes of any sub-groups or committees), and ___minutes of all Working Group teleconferences and meetings.___ "

Hopefully you can see that minutes _are expected_ for Working Group meetings.

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