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> the purpose of the PAG is not to draft new Baseline Requirements or
anything similar.

And the PAG isn't. I'm not sure how you reached the conclusion or belief
that it is.

>  Instead, the purpose of the PAG is to compare existing or proposed
Baseline Requirements or EV Guidelines against the patents disclosed for
CABF members and where a conflict is seen (e.g., a BR or EVGL seems to
infringed on someone’s disclosed patents), to report back to the Forum for
consideration.  See Section 7 below (the numbering errors are in the

And the PAG was formed, in part, to ensure there is a common understanding
and agreement as to how those obligations and the IPR policy actually apply.

> The PAG is not the place to create or discuss new BRs or EVGLs.

And it isn't, so I'm surprised to see it suggested somehow that it is.

> Ben’s draft on domain confirmation methods that was just circulated to
the PAG list is something the Validation Working Group has never seen (and
I’m not sure it will be supported), so I’m not sure of its relevance to the
work of the PAG.

What Ben circulated is what is being circulated in the Validation WG as a
response to members within the validation WG. It was provided as a snapshot
for the current thinking. It is a refinement of what has been actively
discussed in past Validation WG activities, including the F2F.

This is not being proposed as something the PAG is taking on - it's a
snapshot of the working draft of activity going on in the Validation WG.
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