[cabfpub] Certificate OID policy and new intermediate Certificate mode

张翼 zhangyi at cfca.com.cn
Mon Jul 20 08:10:26 UTC 2015

These are samples of the end-entity certificates OIDs 

EV CodeSign 
Non-EV Code Signing 

Jody from Microsoft mentioned: 

Microsoft does not require CAs to separate out intermediates by OID type;
instead, the intent of this requirement is to simply require CAs to
standardize OIDs on the end-entity certificate. 

so, in this case, is it possible that one EV root Certificate have one
intermediate Certificate. 

And this root system have 4 audit: 
Webtrust 2.0 
EV codesign 

The intermediates Certificate can issue: 
1, OV SSL Certificate 
2, OV CodeSign Certificate 
3, EV SSL Certificate 
4, EV CodeSign Certificate 

if this is allowed, will Mozilla, Google and Apple accept this kind of root
certificate inclusion request? 

if not, is there any policy against it? 
(Microsoft use to forbid this kind of root/intermediates Certificate , but
now the restriction is removed) 

if not, is it possible to make 1 intermediate Certificate for EV, 1 for OV? 


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