[cabfpub] Request for the formation of a Patent Advisory Group

Ryan Sleevi sleevi at google.com
Tue Jul 7 19:32:08 UTC 2015

As the Validation WG works to resolve the security issues of the Baseline
Requirements’ “any other method” exception (v1.3.0, Section, item
7), we’ve been doing our legal review for any issues that might be raised
by the draft proposals. As a result, we’d like to bring members’ attention
to an IPR Policy interpretation issue that we have noted, and we would
would like to request the convening of a PAG (as described by Sections 7.1
and 7.2 of the IPR Policy).

We propose a PAG, not to discuss a concern flowing from any particular
patent, but to avoid possible patent-related misunderstanding. In
particular, it could be useful to make sure that CAB Forum members share a
common understanding of application of the IPR Policy to the kind of
requirement that is expressed in Section (a list of alternative
methods for satisfying the specified requirement), and to make sure the
Forum has the patent-related transparency that those who read a Forum
document may have come to expect based on the Forum's royalty-free policy.
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