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Verification of physical location and the requirement to contact the Applicant via a verified method of communication are the requirements designed to screen out someone trying to impersonate a government agency or any other organization type.  The Operational Existence requirement has nothing to do with that.  


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> On 29/01/15 19:07, Jeremy Rowley wrote:
> > Because government entities aren’t operating as businesses, they are
> > often not listed with a QIIS, especially immediately after the entity
> > is created by either statute or order. The legal existence of these
> > entities is verifiable through a QGIS, but this source in many
> > countries (especially Arabic and African countries) does not always
> > list a date of creation of these entities.  Operational existence
> > exists to ensure organizations aren’t fly-by-night scams/phishing
> > entities.  With government entities, these same risks are not present
> > as they are created directly by government action.
> How does your text avoid the risk of issuing an EV certificate to a
> government entity which was legally created (and therefore its legal
> existence can be checked) but is in fact no longer operational?
> Just looking at the government documents which created it doesn't tell
> you that it's still doing things. (Of course, if its defunct, it
> wouldn't be applying for a cert, but the whole point is to defend
> against people impersonating such an agency.)
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