[cabfpub] When did the WebTrust/ETSI BR audit requirement become mandatory?

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Kirk, any CA can sell certs without having any audit. It's up to the customers. It's their decission. You can add the CA manually

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Sorry, I should have clarified.
Any CA can get a point in time or “readiness” BR audit at any time, even just before starting operations.
Plus any CA can get a 60 day or 90 day performance BR audit once they start operations – in fact, that is the recommended method (i.e., don’t wait a whole year).
In general, a CA can’t start selling certs to anyone until the CA has its roots in the browsers.  And the browsers won’t add the roots until they see (at least) a WebTrust and a BR readiness audit – so there really is no blocking effect on the membership rules from requiring the audits.  A CA can’t be in operation (can’t be in the browsers) until that happens.
Plus – when my new CA, AffirmTrust (acquired by Trend Micro) applied to the Forum, we had our audits but no customers yet (because at that time, the Mozilla root review process was very slow).  The Forum accepted us, but only on an observer basis, not member, until we started issuing certs to customers.
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Based on all this, I would say all CAs should have full year BR audits in place by now.  We can change our Bylaw on membership at Bylaw 2.1 to reflect this.
Have you considered that it is possible a new CA might want to become a member before their first anniversary of operation?  If you require a full year BR audit for membership, you are effectively excluding new CAs, as they presumably will start with a point in time then a partial year audit (given the requirement to get a period of time audit started within 90 days of issuing the first certificate).
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