[cabfpub] Domain Validation Revision

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Gerv -- we always allowed attorney letters in the past.

For DV/OV, it was an "any other method" means of domain confirmation.

For EV, it was explicitly allowed under the EVGL (and there are still references to it in the template Attorney Letter attached to the EVGL), but by mistake we deleted the reference when we changed EVGL 11.7 simply to a cross reference to BR 11.1.1 – we accidentally dropped the old reference to using attorney-accountant letters for EV domain confirmation (I can give you a version number reference to the old EVGL if you want to confirm).

So the proposal just corrects that mistake and adds back in a method we have always permitted for domain confirmation.

This is useful when the Domain Name Registrant has licensed the domain to the Customer, or when the parent-sub relationship is not reported correctly, etc.

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> 3) permit

> attorney/accountants to draft the domain authorization document.

If I understand this correctly, then I am opposed. I don't see why a lawyer or an accountant is an appropriate authority on the subject of who controls a domain. Domain control can only be properly validated either by the registrar who issued the domain, the registrant listed in WHOIS, or some practical demonstration of control. No-one else's opinion matters.



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