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While we're in this section, do we want to consider removing the "registrant" address from item 3 as one of the WHOIS options?  I only mention it because Mozilla lists only the technical and administrative fields as acceptable options at https://wiki.mozilla.org/CA:Problematic_Practices#Email_Address_Prefixes_for_DV_Certs.  Or was that simply an oversight on Mozilla's part?

I realize specific browser programs can and do make their requirements more stringent than the Baseline Requirements, and that this is not even a requirement from Mozilla as of yet.  But that page says discussion is underway to make it mandatory, and if indeed Mozilla does not consider the registrant field to be acceptable for validating domain control, then it might reduce potential confusion to include the same restriction here.


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Attached is a draft proposal from the EV working group about revising the domain validation in the BRs.  The intent is 1) to eliminate the "any other option" (as it made domain validation essentially meaningless, 2) tighten up the domain validation language, and 3) permit attorney/accountants to draft the domain authorization document.

Note that revising this section will automatically revise domain validation in EV. Also note that this is a draft from the working group and not yet a proposed ballot.



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