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Thank you, Inigo.

I think the problem is that, under ETSI, it's difficult to discern what an "equivalent national scheme" is. This sets up the scenario in which an auditor is employed by an organization that is recognized somehow by the government, but is not affiliated with an ETSI member organization (http://www.european-accreditation.org/home ). Microsoft does not know whether or not this auditor is qualified or not.

For example,

·         Company A is a commercial CA that operates in Israel

·         Auditor Jones works for AuditCo, which is based in Israel

·         AuditCo is certified by some governmental agency as a qualified auditor

·         AuditCo is not an ETSI Member or Associate Member

·         Auditor Jones audits Company A using the ETSI 102042 standard, and Company A sends the auditor's attestation letter to Microsoft as evidence that Company A complied with the Program's requirements.

In this scenario, how does Microsoft know that Auditor Jones conducted a proper audit without expending significant resources to determine whether and according to what standard AuditCo and Auditor Jones was certified?

Microsoft believes that it would be simpler if the requirements were that the Auditor must work for a company that is affiliated with an ETSI-approved member organization. If Company A needs an auditor and there is no qualified auditor in Israel, the company can use an auditor from a member organization via the cross-border conformity rules.

Unless I am fundamentally misunderstanding the rules, the above is something that Microsoft is presently struggling with, and we'd like to try to make the rules easier to understand for potential partners and ourselves.

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Hi Jody,

Regarding your comment on ETSI audits, I have to say that the ETSI audits shall be performed by accredited auditors as mentioned in Annex E of the current ETSI TS 102 042. ETSI audits performed by not accredited auditors shall be considered invalid.
Microsoft is accepting ETSI audits since the very beginning in its root program requirements indicating this requirement. ETSI is providing a list of accredited auditors as mere information because has to be maintained by every NAB (National Accreditation Body).
It´s true that this has to be improved regarding the new regulation 910/2014 and the new ENs and will take some time, but at the moment, it´s clearly stated that the audits shall be performed by accredited auditors.

Don´t hesitate in contacting me for any additional information or help. Sometimes I´ve received some emails from Tom or Kelvin asking for the qualification of some audits, so, as say, you can contact me regarding this issue.


Iñigo Barreira
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Microsoft comments on Section 17.
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