[cabfpub] Not coming to Switzerland in June :-(

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We haven´t heard of the other browsers yet. We can check if we have had some F2F meetings without browsers. Don´t see a major impact since they can dialing in as Ryan did last time, or read the minutes at the end

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Clearly that list is incorrect (especially since Google hosted the meeting but probably felt they didn't need to sign up for their own venue). But luckily they are present in the Minutes.

OK, Kirk and I will discuss this along with the host and put out some suggestions.


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On 05/02/15 16:42, Ryan Sleevi wrote:
> Looks like you made a typo; we hosted the February 2014 F2F here in 
> Mountain View,

Ah! I was fooled because
lists no Google people.

> It's unclear at this time with regards to the Switzerland F2F, but do 
> you have alternate dates or times that might work better for you, so 
> as to inform the discussion?

As noted on the call, both the week before and the week after could be made to work for me. Although ideally I'd not be away two weeks on the trot, so a further week either side would actually be a bit better.


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