[cabfpub] Mozilla Policy - Suggestion for the future

Steve Roylance steve.roylance at globalsign.com
Wed Aug 26 07:37:50 UTC 2015

Hi Kathleen,


In a meeting with our compliancy team today we were looking in detail at the
processes we use to map the various rule sets to each other and to our CP
and CPS.  

The recent changes by the CABForum to align Baseline Requirements to RFC
3647 has significantly  improved the efficiency of the verification process
for GlobalSign and our auditors.


Is there a possibility that Mozilla could look to align their policy to RFC
too?    I realize that would be a herculean effort, but it would be an
effort once rather than in reverse for each CA each time the rules change
and or a new CA appears.  In effect we would have alignment horizontally as


RFC Section XX  |  Simple text on what the key elements are for XX  |  CP  |
CPS  |  Baseline Requirements  |  Mozilla Policy  | (Future (EV
Requirements) |   (Future) - Microsoft Requirements etc)  |  (Future) -
Apple needs etc)  |  Other etc


I added the "Simple text" section as I think it would be good to establish
to all parties what each RFC section needs in simple 'Plain English' terms.
This would help CP and CPS authors and reviewers alike to ensure they
addressed those needs in full.  This would certainly help all non-English
speaking CA's and reviewers.   Eventually the simple text portion 'could' be
translated to add further clarity.


i.e. Bringing order to the galaxy ;-)


Kind Regards


Steve Roylance

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