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Hi Gerv,

GlobalSign also answers Yes, Yes and No.


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> Hi everyone,
> At the face-to-face in Beijing, we talked out our new plan for revocation,
> specifically OneCRL, our plan to aggregate revocation information for all
> leaf certificates (and perhaps some others) into a single source which
> would then download regularly, probably daily.
> I had three questions for the CAs in the group, although there was not
time to
> have a long discussion about them then, so I am presenting them here.
> They are:
> 1) If we asked you to provide a set of URLs which together provided
> information for all the non-EE certificates in hierarchies which chained
up to a
> root we trust, could you do that?
> 2) Would all those URLs be URLs to CRLs? (I.e., to reverse the question,
> there any intermediate certs for which you only provide revocation info
> OCSP?)
> 3) Would you need some of that set of URLs to be secret (i.e. revealed to
> Mozilla, but you would prefer Mozilla not to reveal them to others)?
> If so, why?
> I expect the answers from all CAs to be Yes, Yes and No, so if your answer
as a
> CA would be something else, please speak up :-)
> We would want to build a system to make it easy for CAs to provide this
> information on an ongoing basis, but the discussion of how we do that is
out of
> scope for the moment.
> Gerv
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