[cabfpub] Updated Agenda for F2F Meeting 33

Ben Wilson ben.wilson at digicert.com
Fri Sep 12 16:24:57 UTC 2014

Let's discuss this to the extent we can, and come prepared to talk about similarly related (non-SHA1/SHA2) algorithm issues to fill in any gaps in the time slot.   I'm sure there are things, like ECC, that we can discuss.

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On 12/09/14 10:41, Richard at WoSign wrote:
> Yes, this is my topic that SM2 is a China standard algorithm and plan 
> to adapt in China. It is  kind of asymmetric cryptographic algorithm 
> which is based on elliptic curves cryptography (ECC).

Is it used anywhere on the web at the moment?

> And I wish Firefox can support this algorithm that we can do the 
> coding work for NSS, we can talk about this privately.

You would need to file a bug in Bugzilla suggesting support. However, there are high standards that need to be met by new algorithms.


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