[cabfpub] Updated Agenda for F2F Meeting 33

Richard@WoSign richard at wosign.com
Fri Sep 12 09:41:00 UTC 2014

Yes, this is my topic that SM2 is a China standard algorithm and plan to adapt 
in China. It is  kind of asymmetric cryptographic algorithm which is based on 
elliptic curves cryptography (ECC).

I sent email to Ben that maybe we need to cancel this topic since I can't find 
a SM2 specialist to make the speech in the meeting in English. If someone 
still have interesting, I can talk some, a little.

And I wish Firefox can support this algorithm that we can do the coding work 
for NSS, we can talk about this privately.

Best Regards,


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On 11/09/14 20:41, Ben Wilson wrote:
> Here is the updated agenda.  Please let me know if you have any
> corrections that need to be made.

Can someone explain the "Discussion of SM2 Algorithm" item? What are we 
discussing about it? Its technical features and security properties?
When and if browsers and other clients are going to support it? Or something 


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