[cabfpub] Ballot 132 - EV Code Signing Timestamp Validity Period

Atsushi Inaba atsushi.inaba at globalsign.com
Wed Sep 10 08:43:25 UTC 2014

Details are not translated in English document.

But I can see the word digital certificate / digital 
signature / Timestamp in the Japanese document(about 
120 pages) that can be downloaded from the following 
web site....


Kind regards,
Atsushi Inaba

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Thanks, but it seems for me that this page does NOT mention on neither
 * signing,
 * affixing of names and seals,
 * digital signatures.

>Again, I would be happy if this information helps you.
>>Inaba-san seems to imply that Financial Statements needs the signing 
>>or the affixing of names and seals, or action in lieu of them.
>>Could I have authoritative source?
>>>I'm not sure whether I am appropriate or not to make a response to 
>>>the question.
>>>The Rationale of the Ballot 132 says as follows... 
>>>Ballot 132 - EV Code Signing Timestamp Validity Period Rationale for 
>>>Ballot 132 1. Ideally, TSA services should be consistent across the 
>>>multiple services that rely on them (Code Signing, EV Code Signing, 
>>>AATLs, etc.) 2. Time stamps are used not just to time-stamp code, but 
>>>other objects, such as signed financial reports and other digital 
>>>>But I still just wondering that how code signing have something to 
>>>>do with these subarticles 435(2), 435(4) of the Japanese Companies 
>>>>Act.  Though I am a programmer and not a lawyer, it seems for me 
>>>>that these subarticles are mentioning paper works of physical 
>>>>documentations, not digitally signed progmams or data.  (Or am I 
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