[cabfpub] Ballot to establish voting process for chair and vice chair

Jeremy Rowley jeremy.rowley at digicert.com
Wed Sep 24 21:19:45 UTC 2014

Here's a draft ballot capturing what we discussed in Beijing for the upcoming chair election.  I look forward to your comments.
Ballot 136 - Chair Election
Amendment to Section 4.1 of CA/Browser Forum Bylaws to Clarify Election Process for Chair and Vice Chair
Motion Begins
The third paragraph of section 4.1 of the CA/Browser Forum's bylaws is amended as follows:
Upon expiration or early termination of the current Chair's term, the Vice Chair will automatically be nominated as to become the next Chair, but Members may nominate themselves or others to be additional candidates as Chair. On or before the second week of a position's vacancy, the Chair or Vice Chair will announce, through the management mailing list, a start date and close date for nominations for Chair and Vice Chair, with the nomination period lasting at least one week.  If a single individual is nominated for a position, the Forum will hold a regular ballot to confirm appointment of the nominee. If more than one candidate is nominated for Chair or Vice Chair, the Forum will announce an election ballot to determine which candidate will fill the position.  upon close of nominations, Within two weeks after the close of the nomination period, the Chair or Vice Chair will establish an election committee and announce the election ballot on the management mailing list along with the ballot start date, ballot end date, and a description of the voting process.  The Chair or Vice Chair will appoint the election committee by selecting at least two volunteers who have a reputation for independence, preferably individuals without voting rights in the Forum.  The election committee is responsible solely for tallying Member votes in connection with the election ballot. The description must include the email address(es) where members will send their vote, which should be the email addresses of the election committee.  ballot will be held in the regular manner to select the new Chair. If the election of a new Chair means the office of Vice Chair becomes vacant, the Members may nominate themselves or other candidates to the office of Vice Chair, and a ballot will be held in the regular manner to elect the new Vice Chair.
For election ballots, each Member is entitled to a single vote regardless of the number of participating Member representatives or whether the Member is categorized as a CA or product supplier. If multiple votes are received from a Member's representatives, the last vote submitted is considered the Member's vote. After the election ballot closes, the election committee will compile the votes provided, ensure that only one vote is counted per Member, confirm the results with other members of the election committee, and publish the results of the ballot without publishing how each individual Member voted. The election committee will treat the votes of individual Members as confidential information and avoid disclosing individual votes to any entity that is not part of the election committee. The nominee receiving the most votes is appointed to the applicable position, regardless of the number  of votes cast and irrespective of whether 2/3 of the CAs or ½ of the product suppliers voted for the nominee. If the election ballot results in a tie, the Chair or Vice Chair will hold another election ballot that includes only the tying nominees.
Motion Ends

The review period for this ballot shall commence at 2200 UTC on                    2014, and will close at 2200 UTC on                     2014. Unless the motion is withdrawn during the review period, the voting period will start immediately thereafter and will close at 2200 UTC on                        2014. Votes must be cast by posting an on-list reply to this thread.

A vote in favor of the motion must indicate a clear 'yes' in the response. A vote against must indicate a clear 'no' in the response. A vote to abstain must indicate a clear 'abstain' in the response. Unclear responses will not be counted. The latest vote received from any representative of a voting member before the close of the voting period will be counted. Voting members are listed here: https://cabforum.org/members/

In order for the motion to be adopted, two thirds or more of the votes cast by members in the CA category and greater than 50% of the votes cast by members in the browser category must be in favor. Also, at least seven members must participate in the ballot, either by voting in favor, voting against, or abstaining.

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