[cabfpub] "Qualified Auditor" definition in the EV Guidelines

N. Atilla Biler atilla.biler at turktrust.com.tr
Fri Sep 5 07:43:34 UTC 2014

Hi all,


May I suggest an update for the "Qualified Auditor" definition in the EV
Guidelines, while we are currently working actively on the guideline text
regarding the other updates. 


As had been agreed on the "Eligible Audit Schemes" updated in the BRs to
cover the ETSI TS 102 042 scheme in addition to the WebTrust scheme along
with other government audit schemes where applicable, the "Qualified
Auditor" definition was also updated accordingly in the BR text as below:


BR Definition: "Qualified Auditor: A natural person or Legal Entity that
meets the requirements of Section 17.6 (Auditor Qualifications)."


The EV Guidelines definition is below that references to the Section 17.6 of
EV Guidelines, which in turn references to the Section 17.6 of the Baseline
Requirements as above.


EV Guidelines Definition: "Qualified Auditor: An independent public
accounting firm that meets the auditing qualification requirements specified
in Section 17.6 of these Guidelines."


However, this definition is still  "public accounting firm" specific,
whereas apparently it is not the case anymore as properly accredited
certification bodies which are not "public accounting firms" are also
qualified auditors with respect to ETSI TS 102 042 audit scheme.


So, my suggestion is replacing the "Qualified Auditor" definition in the EV
Guidelines with a phrase similar to the definition in the BR document.


Best regards,



N. Atilla BILER

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