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高寒蕊 gaohanrui at 360.cn
Thu Oct 30 10:04:25 UTC 2014

Hey Gervase,

Yes, the change has been made to both Secure Explorer and Extreme Explorer. The warning page of 360 Extreme Explorer (aka. 360EE) is exactly as same as 360SE.
In terms of the downloading issue, I'll check with the related people later. At present, we may not have another downloading URL for people outside of China. But I just uploaded it to my 360 cloud driver, maybe you could try to get it at: http://yunpan.cn/csk6xERfxxXRR (the verification code is 3e0e, type the 4 chars on the input box and then click the blue button next to it please).



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On 27/10/14 09:17, 高寒蕊 wrote:
> You can verify it by downloading the official version or the 
> beta version from our official website <http://se.360.cn/>.

Hi Hanrui,

We seem to be having trouble downloading 360 Browser from this site. Is there a site outside China where it can be obtained?

Also, according to the presentation given to the CAB Forum in Beijing, Qihoo make two different browsers for desktop operating systems. Is that right? If so, has this change been made in one of them or both?


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