[cabfpub] China MITMing icloud.com

Rich Smith richard.smith at comodo.com
Tue Oct 21 19:50:07 UTC 2014

I agree and I'm certainly not calling for their immediate ouster, but I do 
think that it is in the interest of this Forum to investigate and, if 
necessary, to take action.  IF there is something here, then IMO, to do 
otherwise undermines the trust that this Forum has tried to foster amongst its 
members and the public at large.

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> On 21/10/14 20:23, Rich Smith wrote:
> > Knowingly allowing any party to MITM a site is definitely not
> > producing a software product intended to allow the general public to
> > browse the Web securely.  IMO, if the allegation is true then 360
> > Browser does NOT meet the definition of a Browser under the bylaws,
> > therefore they would have been admitted in error and do not qualify
> for membership.
> Perhaps we might wait until more information is available before
> continuing down this line of discussion? :-)
> It would be wonderful if a representative of Qihoo 360 were able to
> comment. Do we know if any have joined the list?
> Gerv

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