[cabfpub] Agenda Items for Thursday's CA/B Forum Call

Dean Coclin Dean_Coclin at symantec.com
Tue Oct 14 23:58:26 UTC 2014

We should probably summarize the ballots and voting status for Thursday's
call. Also, I'd like to continue the discussion on OV/DV OIDs as we have
received commentary from several parties now and we should summarize where
we are on this topic. 


Working group updates should also be on the agenda, especially given our
activities and outreach in the policy WG.





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Besides SSLv3, what else do people want added to this Thursday's agenda?    


Also, I believe that Ballot 137 is going to pass (Thursday p.m).  On that
basis, and as a follow up to our discussions at the Face-to-Face, I am going
to ask Don Sheehy and Arno Fiedler to serve on the Election Committee and
act as our election judges.  If they agree, I will obtain their preferred
email addresses for voting purposes.  The election ballot announcement will
be posted on the management mailing list.  It will contain the names of the
candidates for Vice Chair, the ballot start date, the ballot end date, a
brief description of the voting process, and the email address(es) where
members must send their vote.  Since we have had ample time to consider the
candidates for Vice Chair, I do not believe that a comment period is
necessary, so I anticipate that the ballot announcement will state that
voting begins when the announcement email is sent and that it will end at
2200 UTC on Friday, 24 October. 



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