[cabfpub] More BR Errata

Rick Andrews Rick_Andrews at symantec.com
Thu Oct 23 23:58:06 UTC 2014

I think Section 9.2.5 Subject Country Name Field, 9.2.6 Subject Organizational Unit Field, and 9.2.8 Other Subject Attributes should be downgraded to sub-sections 9.2.4 f, g, and h because they're all Subject Distinguished Name Fields.

Appendix B.2.G says "extkeyUsage (optional)
For Subordinate CA Certificates to be Technically constrained in line with section 9.8, then either the value
id-kp-serverAuth [RFC5280] or id-kp-clientAuth [RFC5280] or both values MUST be present**."
But Section 9.8 is "Additional Technical Requirements" which contains very little text; I think this is supposed to refer to Section 9.7 "Technical Constraints in Subordinate CA Certificates via Name Constraints and EKU". We should probably use the Microsoft Word tool to link to a Section number, so that if the Section number changes, the reference changes too.


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