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So, despite my antagonism towards OV, I'd love to know why anyone would actively chose OV, and what real benefits there are over DV for those that do.

It's always a question of risk - have I ever bought anything from a site that had only a DV cert? I admit that I did, but I was willing to take the risk for the particular service or product I wanted because I probably wanted it more than I was afraid of loosing the money or whatever. Would I take the same risk always? No, I wouldn't if there is a better alternative or I probably wouldn't deal as much on the net as I do.



For answer Ryan question: “why anyone would actively chose OV”, I just checked that all browser venders (Google, Mozilla, Apple, Microsoft) websites are using OV or EV, no one use DV,  why? 


I have a real experience that I want to buy an air ticket to UK online, then I search the Internet that I chose one that deployed SSL, I open the certificate and check the subject O filed, compare its name to the website said name, then I chose this site deployed OV SSL, not chose the DV SSL site.  I do this check since I know how to check the subject, but I am sure 99.99% users don’t know how to check. So why the browser like to hide the identity information so deep? How good if the browser display the verified company name more easily like in the address bar!



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