[cabfpub] a different UI for OV RE: OIDs for DV and OV

Gervase Markham gerv at mozilla.org
Thu Nov 6 09:03:32 UTC 2014

Hi Richard,

On 06/11/14 01:35, Richard Wang wrote:
> So maybe CAB Forum need to come out a OV standard, then the browsers can
> make sure this cert is really standard OV, then they can give it a
> proper UI.

As my last message outlined, lack of a standard is not the problem. (In
fact, several CAs have been pointing at the section of the BRs which
deals with the O field to say 'look, now we have a standard for OV!')

Lack of a standard was the (or a) catalyst for the creation of EV. So we
do have a standard for O field validation - it's called EV. If someone
thinks it's possible to keep the strong identity validation with fewer
or easier checks, they can make a proposal to change the EV standard -
and people have, over the years, and we've accepted lots of changes.


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