[cabfpub] downgrade DV UI RE: OIDs for DV and OV

Eddy Nigg eddy_nigg at startcom.org
Wed Nov 5 09:53:55 UTC 2014

Hi Dean,

On 11/05/2014 04:07 AM, Dean Coclin wrote:
> I also disagree with that blanket statement, especially the word "downgrade". There are many legitimate uses for DV certs and that shouldn't be diminished or "downgraded". I agree with Gerv that DV should not "go away"

I love this subject! :-)

I think downgrade is the wrong word, it should be better described as 
"definition and description" - give indicators to users about what the 
certificate is for, which type of verification was performed. The BR and 
EV makes it easy for us today since it's clearly defined.

> For the majority of consumers though, do you think it's sufficient to know that they are connected to "match.com"? I would think it would be better for them to know that they are connected to "Match.com, Inc". More specifically, is DV a sufficient use case for the majority of Internet e-commerce?

DV is an excellent way to secure sites for the right purpose. DV is 
excellent for personal sites, most (private) administrative control 
panels, forums, blogs, open source projects and most informational web 

DV is not suitable for any e-commerce site or high-profile brands, the 
latter should also be limited to the brand/name owner (including similar 
sounding names).

This is the policy we implemented and we are doing that with and without 
better indicators of the browsers. And without relation to what our dear 
competitors do.

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