[cabfpub] Pre-Ballot - Removal of Insurance Requirements

Gervase Markham gerv at mozilla.org
Tue Nov 25 16:49:55 UTC 2014

Following on from discussions at the last face-to-face and the failure
of the previous ballot relating to insurance, this is a pre-ballot for
discussion of an alternative pathway. However, I suspect that the amount
of heated discussion already on this topic means that there is very
little new to say. :-)

I would only repeat that I consulted Mozilla's legal team and we
concluded that the particular insurance requirements currently specified
did not have any beneficial effect in any plausible scenario. Therefore,
any money spent on them which (would not otherwise have been spent to
meet other requirements a CA has) is wasted. We also think it is would
not be reasonable for a CA to export across the industry costs imposed
upon them by their jurisdiction or choice of business areas. That is to
say, just because some CAs are required by other parties to have
insurance does not mean the CAB Forum should require it.


Pre-Ballot XXX - Removal of Insurance Requirements

Gervase Markham of Mozilla made the following motion and XXX of XXX and
YYY of YYY have endorsed it:


Remove section 8.4 from the EV Guidelines, and renumber other sections


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