[cabfpub] Use of wildcard certificates by cloud operators

Kelvin Yiu kelviny at exchange.microsoft.com
Tue May 6 21:10:25 UTC 2014

Does the forum agree that section 11.1.3 already allows for cloud operators and no changes to the text are needed?

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On Tue, May 6, 2014 at 12:58 PM, Kelvin Yiu <kelviny at exchange.microsoft.com<mailto:kelviny at exchange.microsoft.com>> wrote:
It sounds like we have some consensus to move forward on the issue. I can draft a proposal that include the following:

1. Update Section 11.1.3 to clarify that wildcard is allowed for domains for cloud operators. I hear that when the forum last updated section 11.1.3, there was a lot of headache involved, so I will try to be precise and keep the changes to a minimum.

This isn't needed. 11.1.3 already allows this.

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