[cabfpub] Quick Update on Past and Future Meetings

Ben Wilson ben at digicert.com
Tue May 20 16:57:01 UTC 2014

While I haven't yet prepared the minutes from our last call (15-May), the
minutes of the May 1 call have been approved and are posted online at


The minutes for the Mountain View F2F are now here:
https://cabforum.org/2014/02/19/2014-02-19-minutes-of-mountain-view-f2f/ .


This Thursday at 1500 UTC is the Code Signing Working Group call and at 1600
UTC is the EV Working Group call.


The next CABF call is on 29-May-2014.


The next F2F is in Eilat, Israel, Mon. June 16 (Working Groups) and Tues.
June 17 through Wed. June 18 (Plenary).  


Topics considered for discussion at the F2F include, but are not limited to:
WebTrust/ETSI Audit criteria developments; report on the Seventh Term of
European Parliament; Browser Updates; SHA1 Sunsetting plan; root removals
and new security requirements and technical constraints on CAs and delegated
third parties; Certificate Transparency; Certificate Reputation; code
signing; certificate format checking; certificate-processing behaviors of
proxies, firewalls, and load balancers; reports on IETF proceedings of TLS,
WKOPS, TRANS, etc.; Must-STAPLE OID assignment from IANA; implementation
status of new processing methods (stapling, Must-Staple, TLS 1.3, etc.);
NIST 800-52; NISTIR 7924; modifications to ICANN gTLD processing and
prohibitions of internal server names; the public suffix list; the
definition/scope of what is an "SSL certificate"; EV vetting changes;
improvements to Baseline Requirements;  fraud / high-risk screening methods;
information sharing; and promotion of the EV brand.


The F2F Beijing meeting is Tues-Thurs. Sept. 16-18.  Until we have more
specific information on the Visa process, this ICANN 46 web page might help:





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