[cabfpub] R: Denial of all insurance coverage for Diginotar

Adriano Santoni adriano.santoni at staff.aruba.it
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This automatic translation is rather difficult to understand, to me. Who was the Insurer in this case? 

Inviato da Samsung Mobile.

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</div>Jeremy, in response to your question below -- it was Bob Relyea who found the link during our last CABF meeting stating (in translation) that Diginotar’s insurer denied all coverage, so there was no possibility of any recovery for claims by the public or customers.  See link.  That’s why it makes sense to delete the current coverage requirements.
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Can you please send a link to the info about DigiNotar.  This is the first I've heard that the insurance company didn't have to pay anything to damaged end users and would like to investigate further.  My guess is that the claims were not being brought by the right party. 
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