[cabfpub] Revisiting CAA

Phillip Hallam-Baker philliph at comodo.com
Fri May 2 10:48:32 MST 2014

That is a rather strange test to apply given that we have so few cases of misissue reported.

It would have done nothing in the 2001 VeriSign incident because VeriSign was authorized to issue for Microsoft. At the time I first 
proposed CAA, that was the only public incident.

Apart from that, deployment of CAA would have forced manual processing of requests in the Comodo and DigiNotar incidents if it had 
been deployed. So the answer to your question would be 'almost all'.

But given the low incidence of mis-issue, I would instead ask if CAA addresses any of the criticisms that has ben raised against the 
WebPKI. It very clearly addresses the 'too many CAs' complaint.

I don't believe in reactive security. I try to fix problems before they occur.

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Can anyone identify one case -- even one -- of mis-issuance of a certificate by a CA that would have been prevented by CAA?  (I 
can't think of one.)

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On 01/05/14 23:26, Rick Andrews wrote:
> I’m attaching Phillip’s original proposal for CAA and Jeremy’s
> suggestion for enhancement. Here’s my proposal.

I think the proposal is good, although the scare quotes around "procedure" are unnecessarily perjorative. If our plan is not to 
mandate that CAs explicitly honour CAA, then we should not seem to sneer at those who don't. So we should remove the words 
"(although not desirable)" too. Let's not try and have it both ways.

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