[cabfpub] Hopefully Final Version of Google's EV/CT plan

Ben Laurie benl at google.com
Tue Mar 25 10:26:32 UTC 2014

On 24 March 2014 22:03, Rick Andrews <Rick_Andrews at symantec.com> wrote:
> Ben,
> One of Symantec's concerns is that we're currently building to an Experimental RFC. It looks like the Trans Working Group's expectation is to send 6962-bis to the IESG in December 2014. If the document undergoes significant changes close to that deadline, it will be difficult for everyone to comply.

As we said during the trans WG meeting, we do not anticipate an
immediate changeover to 6962-bis. Obviously until we see what the
final outcome is, its difficult to anticipate exactly what the
changeover will be, but it will be done in an orderly way.

The initial deployment will be RFC 6962 + (at least) options for
private certificates.

> Symantec intends to log certificates using the PRIVATE option proposed by Rob Stradling, so we need that issue to be finalized very soon, to give us time to build and test it.
> -Rick
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> We've updated the EV/CT plan to finalise all TBDs and to clarify some points from the previous version.
> The current (and hopefully final) version of the plan can be found at https://sites.google.com/site/certificatetransparency/ev-ct-plan.
> Ideally questions should be directed to the appropriate list(s), but feel free also to contact me directly.
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