[cabfpub] Upcoming Ballots

Ben Wilson ben at digicert.com
Sat Mar 8 22:46:56 UTC 2014



Here are the names of the ballots that are in the queue.  Some will be
introduced as early as Monday to begin the two-week review-and-comment and
voting process.  Others aren't quite ready, but everyone's benefit and for
those of you who may be working on them, here are the placeholders and the
documents that they are intended amend:


103 - OCSP AIA and TLS Feature Extension [Baseline Requirements]

112 - Definition of "Internal Server Name"  [Baseline Requirements]

116 - Associate Member Category [Bylaws]

117 - EV Code Signing Guidelines Corrections [EV Code Signing Guidelines]

118 - SHA1 Sunset [Baseline Requirements]

119 - Remove "OfIncorporation" from OID descriptions in EVG 9.2.5 [EV SSL

120 - Affiliate Authority to Verify Domain - BR 11.1 [Baseline Requirements]

121 - EV Issuer - Insurance [EV Guidelines]





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