[cabfpub] FW: New gTLD Registry Agreement for rysmoke

Francisco Arias francisco.arias at icann.org
Mon Mar 10 08:39:15 MST 2014

Dear CA/B Forum members,

Please see the email below.



On 3/10/14 3:33 PM, "Francisco Arias" <francisco.arias at icann.org> wrote:

>Dear gtldnotification at icann.org subscribers,
>Our sincere apologies for having sent the email below. There is no
>application for "rysmoke" as new gTLD, and there is no new registry
>agreement for it. The string is used in a test account to our system and
>the email notification below was sent by error. There is no need to start
>the 120-day period regarding contracting for this string (e.g., revocation
>of internal name certificates, addition to the PSL).
>We have taken additional measure to avoid something like this to happen in
>the future.
>Francisco Arias
>Director, Technical Services
>Global Domains Division, ICANN
>On 3/8/14 4:14 AM, "New gTLD Customer Service" <no-reply-gtld at icann.org>
>>This message is to inform you that ICANN has signed a new gTLD registry
>>agreement as follows.
>>TLD: rysmoke
>>Date of Contract Signature: 2014-03-07
>>Registry Operator: zTest Registry Account
>>Application ID: 888-88888-08
>>The Registry Agreement will be available shortly at
>>gTLD Operations 
>>Email: newgtld at icann.org
>>DISCLAIMER: This email is for information only and does not represent all
>>requirements and criteria that the applicant must satisfy. ICANN is not
>>providing legal, financial, business or any other kind of advice. This
>>email does not represent a modification to the Applicant Guidebook, or
>>the terms and conditions to the new gTLD program. This email also does
>>not represent a waiver of any ICANN policy, procedure or agreement. In
>>the event that any information provided in this email appears to be
>>inconsistent with any information published elsewhere by ICANN, please do
>>not rely on this email without confirmation or clarification from ICANN.
>>Copyright 2013 Internet Corporation For Assigned Names and Numbers
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